The Course

Full Course

The course for 2019 may change pending approvals. We will be updating the stats and maps as we get closer to the event. You can sign up to get email updates about the event and course, below.


  • Distance ~42 miles
  • Elevation Gain ~5,200 ft
  • Surface- Gravel, road, Class IV roads, singletrack
  • Description- This years Forest Fondo course runs through Lincoln and Ripton, VT with Class IV roads and singletrack trail making up about 25% of the course. With plenty of vertical gain and technical challenges through out the course this years course should be a true test of your riding skills and fitness.
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Class-4 Sections Overview

Orchard Rd. climb


  • Distance – 0.5 miles
  • Pavé Description – This section starts with a loose gravel short decent, over a wood bridge and up a short loose gravel climb. Turning off into the class-4 section is where the fun begins. The road quality diminishes rapidly creating a challenging rutted and rocky climb with tricky lines.

Robinson Rd


  • Distance – 1 mile
  • Pavé Description – The start of this section will be controlled by the weather. Our preview video showed a dry entry and some puddle remnants but, these can easily become small ponds with wildlife with some rain. Otherwise the surface is a combination of loose rock and some ruts with a few tricky lines. Watch out for the bedrock slabs if it’s wet and unexpected obstacles can be concealed under water.

“No Horses” Singletrack


  • Distance – 2.2 miles
  • Pavé Description – This is a private property so please, respect. This section starts off on a climbing section of double-track until the summit. Once the trail transitions to single track it weaves through a relatively flat section before a long downhill with switchbacks, rocks, roots and skinny plank bridges. Don’t worry, this is not a crazy trials section but, it will prove to be a challenge especially if the conditions are wet. Be careful on exit as it ends onto a road with poor visibility.

Green Rd.


  • Distance – 1.3 miles
  • Pavé Description – Green Road North is a fairly mild roll following the No Horses track. Starting off with a climb over a loose gravel surface all the way to the summit and then a short decent into a flat section with numerous potentially muddy rutted sections. The final descent brings some additional challenge with a rough surface and numerous fist sized rocks.

Wagon Wheel


  • Distance – 1.8 miles
  • Pavé Description – This pave section is part of the Rikert Nordic Center. The first half of this trail is smooth and fast double track grass trail with a very gradual climb. At the half way point you will turn right on a trail that takes you around the beaver damn. The trail surface becomes uneven and wet until you clear past the beaver hut. Once clear of the beaver hut you start to climb on technical pave. Pick your line carefully if you want to ride the whole segment. The second of the trail features good climbing, plenty of wash out, loose debris and rocks until your reach the end of this pave section at Steam Mill Road. For your efforts you will be rewarded with some treats at the final support station on the course.

French Settlement Rd


  • Distance – 2.1 miles
  • Pavé Description – This class-4 section begins as the final leg of a 2 mile gravel climb. Expect some serious challenges on this section with a technical climb, a gully pass and a loose and long gravel rd descent back to Lincoln Gap Rd.

Turnpike Rd.


  • Distance – 2.3 miles
  • Pavé Description – The Turnpike mellows out after a short climb for a relatively smooth first mile. A short climb into a lesser maintained section with deeper ruts and mud followed by a short steep drop to a wooden bridge and a smooth but, blind cornered descent. WATCH OUT FOR THE GATE!

Orchard Rd descent


  • Distance – 0.5 miles
  • Pavé Description – After an easy roll down a well maintained town road you’ll cross over a grass section and into the trail entrance. You should have some idea regarding the condition of this road as it was the first pavé section you climbed…loose rock and few clear lines.