WhistlePig Whiskey

By Gorilla Web | October 19, 2018 | 

Their Story

Our commitment to authentic experience doesn’t end when the bottle is capped: while we are growing, harvesting, barreling, and bottling our favorite grain, the animals are also being fruitful and multiplying. Kunekune pigs, sheep, goats, bees and horses call our farm home. Not to mention the 20 acres of maple trees we tap for syrup. Embracing more than 500 acres, we think our farm is the perfect place to experiment and provides us with ample access to the highest quality ingredients



WhistlePig Old World Cask Finish Rye, 12 Year:

7% Port Finish
30% Sauternes Finish
63% Madeira Finish

FarmStock Rye Crop no. 002:

32% 2 Year Estate Rye aged in VT Oak
45% 6 Year Indiana Rye
23% 10 Year Canadian Rye

Visit WhistlePig’s website: www.whistlepigwhiskey.com