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bMighty2 helps small businesses succeed online.

Their Story

Prior to bMighty2, we specialized in custom web development and web application development. Over the years, we would get phone calls, all the time, from small businesses looking for websites and help with their online presence. Unfortunately, more often than not, our minimum budget was just too expensive for most small businesses.

It just seemed like a waste. Wasn’t the promise of the internet to be the great equalizer? To make small businesses seem BIG? But honestly, most small business owners were being priced out, with web design and development costs typically being 5 to 10 thousand dollars or even more, and that was just the website. No marketing! A website with NO MARKETING means NO TRAFFIC and NO TRAFFIC means NO SALES. If your website isn’t going to help you do business, why bother?

So that’s why we created bMighty2. We knew there had to be a better way for small businesses to take advantage of the web to Attract, Build, and Convert customers and clients.

This is why we would like to help your business or organization the same way we have helped hundreds of other businesses use the web to grow sales.

bMighty2 Services

Having an online presence for your small business is pretty much a requirement these days, and there is no shortage of people who want to sell you something, from the bazillion D.I.Y. options to your friend’s nephew, who has made it to the fifth hectar in World of Warcraft. All of these options seem to miss the point. Your online presence should help you DO MORE BUSINESS and not break the bank. That’s where bMighty2 comes in.

With bMighty2, you have a partner that looks at the bigger picture. We find out your business objectives, analyze your ideal customer, look for opportunities, and then create a strategy that works to turn your web presence into a LEAD-GENERATING SALES MACHINE!

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