About the Vermont Forest Fondo

The Vermont Forest Fondo was born in 2016 as an experiment . . . put up a Facebook page, throw up some course markers, put out a table of snacks and see what happens. to say the least it was a success; lots of smiles, plenty of punctures and a few wandering riders we eventually found.

We decided to be little more serious in 2017 so we made a website too. We upped the challenge with pavé, more pavé and even more pavé.

This is our third year, and we are adding more and more to the event. We have some fabulous sponsors and friends—Frog Hollow Bikes, Hired Hand Brewing Co., and Whistle Pig Whiskey—to name a few.

If you’re not from around here then perhaps class-4 road riding is something new. Class-4 roads are scattered across Vermont as old roads no longer considered for frequent use but, still loosely maintained by a local municipality usually limited to clearing downed trees. In this growing world of cyclo-cross, gravel grinding and adventure riding they make great detours from the increasing danger of texting drivers, and we have a lot of offer around here.

We put together a course with a good number of our favorite class-4 sections linked together by town roads with only a small amount of actual asphalt. We are even including some single track!

We hope to see you on October 20th!