Top of the Valley Adventure Lodge

By Gorilla Web | October 12, 2018 | 


Top of the Valley Adventure Lodge has three properties in the Mad River Valley. All are minutes from Sugarbush and Mt.Ellen without sacrificing the feeling of being secluded in the woods!


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Their Story

Top Of The Valley Adventure Lodge is an ongoing Lodging project created and managed by me, Hugh “Lance” Andrews of San Juan, Puerto Rico. With many years in the hospitality industry, a few in the ski industry and a lifetime of building a passion for both mountain biking and skiing; this just seemed like the only move to make in life. We have 25 beds and have the ability to accommodate 35 guests in a variety of bed configurations that span across 5 condos that are all located on the same property. I hope to see you in the future!! Let’s go on an adventure!! Cheers! Lance


Sad that I can only rate my experience @ the Adventure Lodge out of 5 stars because the experience was priceless. The outgoing and cheerful host, Lance well deserved 100 stars for his genuine hospitality and for providing overall the best vacation imaginable. — Evelyn D.

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